Cease the day !

“We live for the day and assume tomorrow will take care of itself” This quote perfectly describes the reckless lifestyle of most teenagers, who do as they please often neglecting their parents ideas.They lose all caution towards the future and only the “here and now”, while simultaneously ignoring the “here and now” they will have to live in 10years.

You cannot expect your life to align itself before you. It is well-known that great achievements can only be accomplished by industrious individuals. Only a toddlers life takes care of itself, a teenager must be cautious, otherwise they might take actions they regret in hindsight.

Because of this, it is highly recommendable to plan ahead the most important things in your life(e.g. school, job choice), so that you do not miss out on great opportunities. Careless actions taken in one´s youth might later catch up to you and ruin your life.

Although some planning is necessary, having a tight schedule on everything is bad, as you limit your personal freedom this way. The grand things in your life should be well thought through, but trivial matter should be dealt with more spontaneously.

Despite these very importnat things, I don´t think that parents should have a too tight grip on their children in terms of future, because we, the teenagers have to learn to get our life together by ourselves.

School Bucket List

  1. Do a unique and fun Matura prank
  2. Stop pushing up all tasks until the last two days they have to be handed in.

3.Stop the abuse of memes

4.Have/have had a gilfriend so I don´t have to be a lonely potatoe

5. Get an A on a German-test.(which is practically impossible)

6. Scratch number 3

My Digital footprint

My digital footprint is very minor: After googling myself most photos I found were of my grandpa, who´s got the same name as I do. This is probably due to my non-usage of social media like Instagram or facebook, the only photo I found was from when I won a quiz, and afterwards had the opportunity to visit the EU-Parliament in Strasbourg.That was pretty great,you can believe me

Fair Trade

Fair Trade is an organisation that works for fair prices  in developing contries. They make sure that there are fair working conditions, fair prices and no child labour, but to get an fair trade farmer is not that easy , because you have to own enouth land or  form a group with other farmers. This group gets extra money from the organisation and with this money they can build new houses ,buy mechines like tractors or spend the money to build a hospital. In these Fair trade villages  kids can go to school they can help working but not the whole day.

This text was written by my brother as a training for his English-Test. Wish him luck !

We are family !

My Family is actually quite large: There´s me, the one who´s lazy but still manages to  get stuff done(sometimes), my twin Jakob who loves Anime and CoD but doesn´t resemble me in any way. Then there´s my mother, my father and my 7-year old little brother, who manages to make me furious at least once a day. And of course the most important member, our dog, Beggi.

Small fights between me and my brother are pretty common. One minute we hate each others guts, the next minute we sit side by side and play a Videogame together. I guess that´s just brotherly love. With my parents, there´s the occasional opinion difference ´(as it´s common). Overall, we are just a pretty normal Family.

The End of the Cinema as we know it ?

With the recent rise of streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, cinemas seem to be of lesser importance than ever. Now one question presents itself: Are cinemas bound to fail in a world where movies are so easily accesible ?

A great argument against cinema is money, as a cinema visit with friends can be a pretty expensive endeavour, against which the monthly Netflix-fee is very cheap. For 5-10euros you can go watch ONE movie in cinema, whereas with Netflix you can watch as many movies as you desire.

Of course, the quality of sound and light is considerably better in the cinema right now, but home-device are catching up quick, and soon the difference will be too small to consider.

One thing to consider though is the lacking flexibility of the cinema; to watch a movie there, you have to be on time, contrary to this, streaming services enable you to watch movies when and where you want. Also you can take a break at any time.

Finally I think that the cinema won´t be able to survive in its current form, as all the advantages it once had are waning.

Is it better to be the lone wolf ?

Many teenagers dream of the day they finally move out of their parents house, and on the first glimpse love the sudden relief of so many responsibilities. This stance is mostly short-lived however, as they soon realise that, when alone, there´s some void to fill.

At first living alone seems perfect: there´s no pesky parents telling you to do this and that and the only one you are responsible before is yourself. However with this independence many new challenges arise. You have to organise food, accomodation and possibly school all an your own, there are no parents to do stuff such things for you.

The greatest benefit, and possibly curse when living alone is money. How enjoyable it might  be to be financially independent is that ,although you don´t have to share with anyone, of course there´s less money overall.

Talking about any- or rather someone. This other person you would miss out on is possibly the most significant reason why not to live alone. Few things are ase delightful as spending your time together with somebody you really like.

Overall I  think that it´s way better not to live alone, because just like wolves,we belong together in a pack.


A foreign school year for everyone ?

As our world is becoming increasingly globalised, amor and more people are flocking to foreign schools, trying to improve their language skills. Although I am in favor of easing the access to foreign schools, I don´t think that everybody should attend a foreign school for a year.

Language wise however, this is an excellent oppurtunity to improve one´s skills, as everyone can learn something from the native speakers. Furthermore, in different countries, different things are taught, so you get to know something else than what you are accustomed to.

In this regard, living without your parents will demand of you to become more self-sufficient, as you have to manage your own time schedule and organise yourself, as well as having to adapt to a new enviroment.

Speaking of which,  different countries have different customs, so there´s something new to to discover, as well as there are new friends to make, who can in turn help you to keep your language skills fresh.

A foreign school may certainly be very beneficial and tempting, but I think that the weaker students shouldn´t strive for one above all else, as this might set them behing in other areas and that way hamper their future job prospects.



Lost in Space

Chapter 7: The End ?

Wilhelm´s perspective:

I thought that it couldn´t get any worse, but well I was wrong in that regard. We were trapped in a small, dark and damp chamber, and one was already dead. Poor Ghostface. Although I never really liked him, he certainly now couldn´t be of any use to me. As I was trapped like an animal, I began to reevaluate my options: We wouldn´t be able to win a fullblown fight, so I decided that our only chance would be to negotiate. Luckily I am Austrian, which means that I was the only one able to talk to them. So I openend the door and started talking:

(translation from german) ” Greetings dear friends, I think that we have a misunderstanding here. You see, my loyale servants evaluated you as a danger, and so they attacked.I am deeply sorry and shall soon send reparation.

(pale officer) Be greeted brother, how´s the situation on earth looking?

Its a shame that I have to disappoint you like this, but its not looking too great for our final victory.(Ugh I hated crawling up someone´s ****, but dire times need hurtfull solutions) Anyways, I would love to make a thorough inspection of your laboratories, which is the reason form my arrival.

Very well.


 The officer lead me through the narrow hallways of the ship, which where so white that I felt like I was wandering through complete and utter nothing. After what seemed to be an endless walk through these confining halls, we finally reached a large, reinforced metal door, which seemed to be the entrance to the main lab, where he introduced me to some scientists, who proudly showed of their newest and most advanced computers, that were potatoes compared tot he supercomputers on earth. Then after looking through what seemed to be ridiculous amounts of irrelevant rubbish, I stumbled across „Projekt Volkskontrolle“. Overtaken by a sudden surge of interest I asked the scientist what said project was. The answer was equally remarkable and worrying.

Projekt Volkskontrolle“ is the first ever successful mindcontrolling project. You see the swastikas worn by the soldiers aren´t just cosmetical, they contain a number of circiuts and microchips, that send electromagnetic impulses which stimulate and thereby controll the wearer´s brain. This was the only option to prevent mutiny.

[Me] And you´re wearing one of those yourselves as well ?

Of course, they must be worn by everybody.

[Me] Would you be so kind to let me take a look at the software ?

As you wish.

The way this brainwashing worked was remarkably complicated, but the firewall protecting it from intruders was a laugh; I in a matter of seconds I had accessed the main controll panel, and secretly transferred control to a tablet-like gadget that I had picked up from one oft he deceased Nazis. After all now, Ghostface had been of use to me.

[Me] My last wish would be that you introduced me to your leader, I shall have a talk with himm about your security.

Fine, but make it quick.

They lead me into large room where on an elevated balcony I saw a man, who was probably their leader.


Following this scream, dozens of guns where pointed towards me, and their leader said:

“Checkmate traitor, it´s over!“

„Yes indeed, checkmate“; I said calmly, pressing a button on my tablet-like gadget, which subsequently shocked all Nazis, ,

“This ship is now under my control“

Lost in Space

Chapter Three: The Times are brightening

Wilhelms perspective:

That night, I hadn´t slept. I was kept awake by the thoughtsvabout that encounter with Rose as well  as the contemplations where I am and why I was here. I tried to get some order in my head so, at first, I focused my contemplations on whom I was stuck here with. Firstly there was Kaya who(to me at least) seemed like nothing more than an uncontrollable psychopath, which was probably rooted in her parents rejecting her from a young age onwards. I see nothing more than the personification  of Wrath in her. The other guy, who thinks he´s cool or something and can´t just come up with a regular name, just calls himself ” Ghostface”, a name that  couldn´t be more stupid. He wears a mask all the time, either because he´s had an accident and is now mangled, or because he is too afraid to show who he really is. Not acting like a complete moron, I don´t think he´s really the brightest of bulbs. The major thing consider would be his mastery of martial arts, so not getting into a clinch with him is a wise choice. He was pretty much the incarnation of Pride. As if two deadly sins weren´t enough, this spaceship also had a third one in store: Greed. Rose was greedy there was no arguments against that , but there was still more  to her. From her looks she could also have been the avatar of the sin of Lust, and I bet she had taken advantage of that before. She tried to act like the stereotypical girly girl and ,while might have worked with the others, I wasn´t easily fooled. She was more intelligent than the others gave her credit for, but still compared to mine, her intellect was miniscule: She saw a tear  running down my cheek that night, and really seemed to have believed that I had given up my hopes of escaping , but really my aim was to show weakness. If the people think you are weak, they either have sympathy for you or they underestimate you. Either way, they are way easy to fool and exploit.

Meanwhile, the situation on the ship was worsening, as I noticed that the air was continously getting thinner so I decided “wake up” when the sun was just rising and start searching for a solution. I quickly found a touchscreen that was implying that oxygen levels were sinking to a dangerous levels. To my surprise everything was in German. I could speak German fluently so it was no problem to me to quickly find out that the system was just in need of a reboot. Executing said reboot, I must have made some noice as I heard footsteps approaching. From the corner of my eye I got a glance and was surprised that it was “Ghostface”(who´s name was still stupid). I thought about making a condescending remark about his name, but I didn´t, just for peace´s sake. He shouted:” What are you up to?”.”I am just saving our life, you probably noticed that the air´s getting thinner, well I am just about to fix that”, I replied to him as I rebooted the system, and shortly after the lights went back to normal and Oxygen levels began to rise again. That shut him up. The following day was pretty productive, actually. Kaya found a fabricator that I could manipulate so far that we now had a reliable supply of food. Otherwise Ghostface scouted out the area and found a door, which, after some debate, we decided not to open. The day seemed over pretty fast and we all went to sleep, this time though I really slept, until I was awaken by some pounding on a door….