Back when Austria was becoming great….. (part 2)

The House of Habsburg would stay the ruling family of Austria for almost 700years until the end of the monarchy in 1918, and was arguably the most influential noble family in Europe. In the susequent centuries the Habsburgs would absorb neighbouring duchies not by means of war, but by means of diplomacy and marriage; in 1335 Carinthia was inherited, 1363 the county of Tyrol. The Habsburgs also at one point ruled Spain, and were almost undisturbed emperor of the HRE until its dissolution in 1804. After King Louis Jagiellon of Bohemia and Hungary was killed by Ottoman soldiers at the Battle of Mohacs in 1526 , Bohemia (Which was basically former Czechoslovakia) and the rest of Hungary came under Habsburg control. “Bella gerant allii, tu felix Austria nube” roughly translated means “Let others wage war, you shall marry lucky Austria”, which really describes the Austrian expansion through marriage on point.


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